About Me

Hi! My name is Jerry Smoothie. I believe that electrical grid systems are about to change, change utterly. I believe that demand response (DR) is a vital component in that change. I believe that Ireland should lead the world in DR. Doing so will help us meet out Kyoto protocol commitments by facilitating the penetration of renewable energy onto our grid. And, by replacing fossil fuel imports, DR will improve our economy.

I have a degree in electrical engineering and an M.Sc. in supply chain management. I am competent in the design and implementation of large software projects.

I am the founder and Managing Director of Chip eServices (www.chipeservices.com), a software company that develops and hosts enterprise software solutions based on the software as a service (SaaS) delivery model.

  • Chip eServices operates a data centre called the Cork Internet eXchange or CIX for short. CIX because it has a highly resilient 24×7 network operations centre, is an ideal location from which to operate the control function for a DR operation.
  • The largest single operating expense of CIX is its electricity bill. Reducing the carbon footprint and lowering the energy costs of CIX are two of my key work objectives. CIX because it has diesel generation and load shiftable air conditioning is an ideal candidate for DR.

My email address is:-  jerry (at) gmail.com