About Synergy Service

Synergy Service is a web service that delivers electricity price tariffs and weather forecast information so that Synergy Modules can make decisions on how to minimise electricity cost. Synergyy Service can also read electricity meter readings and make them available for Synergy Data.

DR implements near realtime management of electrical demand based on the price of electricity. At times of low price (high availability) electrical demand is stimulated. At times of high price (low availability) electrical demand is reduced. To make EDM attractive to consumers it is necessary that the current price of electricity be available so that consumers can adjust their usage accordingly and thereby take advantage of lower tariffs.

The Synergy Service is an Internet based Web service that publishes electricity pricing information in XML format. Currently, Synergy Service publishes the System Marginal Price (SMP) for the Irish market on TD-1 (published the day before) basis.

In the future, a number of enhancements to Synergy Service are planned.

  1. Closer-to-realtime tariffs will be published by the Synergy Service if and when such information becomes available from the Irish SMO.
  2. Regional weather forecast data will be included with the Synergy Service download.
  3. Pricing for markets, other than the Island of Ireland, will be made available.

Synergy Modules are devices that control energy demand to minimise cost by utilising the Synergy Service.

As well as downloading tariffs, the Synergy Service can also upload electricity meter reading data for later analysis by a computer application called Synergy Data.