Energy Acronyms

Technical Acronyms

AMR Automated Meter Reading Using electronic communication means to read electricity, gas or water meters automatically.
AMI Advanced Meter Infrastructure An electronically integrated metering network.
BMS Building Management System A system to control environmental parameters in a building, usually with a secondary objective to reduce energy costs.
CAES Compressed Air Energy Storage Using natural or man made caverns to store compressed air.
CPV Concentrator Photo Voltaic Using mirrors to increase PV output.
DM Demand Management Using market pricing to control demand.
DR Demand Response The response of electricity consumers to signals (financial or otherwise) that convey an abundance of low cost energy or a scarcity of exensive energy.
DSB Demand Side Bidding A marketplace for demand side units.
DSM Demand Side Management Any program or policy to control demand.
EDM Energy Demand Management Using market pricing to control energy demand.
FAME Fatty Acid Methyl Ether A biofuel
HVAC Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning A large global industry sector
MEC Maximum Export Capacity Maximum capacity of a generating plant
MIC Maximum Import Capacity Maximum electrical load of an electrical load.
OR Operating Reserve Spare generator capacity to react to sudden demand changes or gererator failure.
PHEV Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle A hybrid electric vehicle that can recharge its battery from the electrical grid.
PPO Pure Plant Oil Oil derived by crushing seeds such as Palm or Rape. Can be burned in modified diesel engines.
PV Photo Voltaic The generation of electrical power directly from radiant sunlight.
RSE Rape Methyl Ether A biofuel
TSO Transmission System Operator An organisation with responsibility for managing an electrical grid, for example EirGrid in the Republic of Ireland or SONI in Northern Ireland.

Irish Industry Specific Acronyms

CER Commission for Energy Regulation
NIAER Former name for NIAUR
NIAUR Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation
SEM Single Energy Market
STAR Short Term Active Response
WPDRS Winter Peak Demand Reduction Scheme

Irish Electricity Trading and Settlement System

ANOM (Ex-ante Nomination) Declaration by a generator stating how much he wants to produce from one unit in each trading period.
EDIL Electronic Dispatch Instruction Logger.
EPUS (Ex-post Unconstrained Schedule) Schedule run to determine how ANOMs need to be adjusted to meet the actual demand, ignoring transmission constraints.
Trading Day The EPUS schedule covers a Trading Day (06:00 hours to 06:00 hours).
Trading Period Each half hour.
SMP System Marginal Price
XNOM (Ex-post Unit Nomination) The fully adjusted value of ANOM determined by EPUS to balance the energy market.